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Trying to do MVC in pure Flex

I was looking for some examples of how to structure a Flex application using MVC, but using only the Flex framework. In the long run I think I’ll be using PureMVC, but right now I am anxious to get my app working and don’t want to have to learn Yet Another Technology just to get there. Besides, shouldn’t Flex be able to stand on its own?

I found what I was looking for in the article _”An architectural blueprint for Flex applications”_ written by Joe Berkovitz. In it he talks about a way in which he architects Flex applications using pure Flex/Actionscript constructs.

Being a Flex newbie, I learned a lot from his article like how to pass variables to your own MXML tags and even customize them using Actionscript. His architecture also solves an issue I was having with Event messaging/bubbling due to the fact that it only works automatically on DisplayObject components. His design also has an interesting way of handling multiple data-services as well as the operations required for handling service communication.

Source code for the project is available in the article. I would recommended downloading it and browsing through the files.


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