My New Camera: Canon PowerShot SD890 IS

The Canon PowerShot 890 IS in my handI just received my new Canon PowerShot SD890 IS! I purchased it for my up-and-coming Colorado trip to partake in a honest-to-gosh cattle drive (a la “City Slickers”:

I’ve always wanted a Point-and-Shoot in addition to my Canon Rebel XT DSLR because it’s not as convenient to carry around an SLR just to take random photos. However, I don’t buy things without justification, but I was able to convince myself that this trip was (finally) my reason to get one.

From the horse-riding lessons I have taken in preparation for the trip, I learned that horses can be devious like three year olds and some will try to annoy you when you’re not paying full attention. I imagined that this could be problematic while handling both the horse and a DSLR since I give the camera a lot of concentration when taking photos, basically opening myself up for horse trickery. My dream ends with me on the ground more times than I would enjoy with an expensive piece of equipment in my hands.
A little Point-and-Shoot is cheaper and easier to replace, can be stowed anywhere and would be much more comfortable to fall on.

I like Canon because they make great equipment at a very reasonable price and they have been at the top of their game for awhile. I chose the PowerShot SD890 IS from the entire PowerShot family because of two features: the image stabilization as well as the more powerful 5x optical zoom. The image stabilization will be handy to minimize blurred photos because horses don’t usually stand still. The bigger zoom will help make up any distance between me and the subject since maneuvering a 1,000 pound horse is an inexact science.

I think the camera is going to be fine for the trip. The only drawback I see is that the ergonomics of the camera are too good for what I need! This model is sloped on the right side to follow the curve of a hand and offers no edge which could be used like a camera grip. This would be immensely helpful for one-handed shooting while holding reins in the other. It’s not as much of an issue for normal use because people generally take photos holding the camera with both hands.

I know that I’ll have more to say about the PowerShot SD890 IS when I return from my trip.