When I own a MacBook Air, this leather bag will be its home

2802_aristamahogany.jpgHaving the sexiest laptop in your possession, it’s only fitting that one get a equally uber-cool bag. And in general, there should be a law against putting a $2000 work of art in a $20 black laptop bag. After looking through hundreds of bags from around the world, I’ve settled on what I believe to be the best mix of form, function, and beauty – “the Orbino Arista featuring handstained mahogany leather”: (pictured at right).

In the resources below I have included links to many of the sites I looked through in the quest to find my ultimate MacBook Air laptop bag. They should give you a good starting point for finding the bag that you love most.

It should go without saying, but I will anyway – as with anything fashionable, women have a much larger selection of cool, stylish and funky MacBook Air cases than men.

Here are some typical, safe, laptop bag alternatives if fashion isn’t a concern: “uggghh”:, “‘khaki pants and sneakers'”:, “death by extreme black-neoprene boredom”:

h3. Resources

[updated 2009.03.19] – added to the list

h4. “”: – look no further than Orbino for stunning leather cases for iPods, laptops, handbags, etc.

  • “Arista landing page”:

h4. “”: has an incredible selection of men’s laptop bags.

  • “knomo by kolobag”: is my second favorite. It’s a very stylish choice, though not sized especially for the Air.

  • “knomo picture – tan”:

h4. “Waterfield Bags”: has a large selection of different styles, all look very high quality.

  • “Waterfield HardCase”:

  • “Waterfield HardCase review”:

  • “Waterfield Vertigo”:

  • “Waterfield SleeveCase review”:

h4. “Tom Bihn”: has a small selection of bags for the Air, most are technically complex.

  • “Ristretto Messenger is a fav”:

h4. “Built NY”: has some fun cases fashioned from neoprene, if you’re into that sort of thing.

h4. “”: carries a whole bunch of stylish cases for the Air.

h4. “Mobile Edge”: offers a huge selection of well made bags, Unfortunately the ones for men are more on the safe side of fashion, though the women’s cases are cute.

  • “Mobile Edge men’s laptop bags”:

  • “Mobile Edge Paris bag”: – very European

h4. “LaptopStuff”: has a nice selection of funky and hip bags and cases.

h4. “”: offers mainly sleeves for the Air.

h4. “Brenthaven”: has some interesting styles, including several which are airport-scanner friendly.

h4. “Timbuk2”: offers a solid line of tough, durable bags and cases though mostly of the messenger-style. If you really want something special, try their Build Your Own Bag wizard.

h4. “”: leans towards the boring side, but their Brain Bucket Mini (in color Wasabe) is ok.

  • “Brain Bucket mini in multicolors”:

h4. Only sleeves

  • “”: has some fabulously rich sleeves for MacBooks, unfortunately not MacBook Air specific.

  • “Wrappers”: has fun sleeves for different things.

h4. Aggregators, blogs, etc.

  • “”: is a store aggregator. They list products from elsewhere.

  • “ computerbags”: is small page with important goodies (for women).

  • “Six Cool Sleeves for the MacBook Air”: