What does it take to be a CEO?

I recently quit my job to (re)start my own software company so I decided to do some research to find out more about the responsibilities of a CEO.

During the search I found a great article from Steve Robbins in which he talks about several components of a CEO’s job function.

The article itself outlines a CEO’s job description including some important related job topics. The basic outline is this:

  • A CEO Job Description
  • Measuring Success as a CEO
  • Pitfalls and solutions for the CEO
  • Coaching tips to stay sane and skillful at the top of the heap

The job description he writes about is very simple and it can be distilled into four duties:

A CEO Job Description

  • Setting strategy and vision
  • Building culture
  • Team-building
  • Capital allocation (how to spend money to achieve the vision)

Reflecting back on my experiences in The Workplace, I think this is a great list with which to start.


  1. Article from Steve Robbins’ website: What do CEOs do? A CEO Job Description.

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