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Added AdSense by Google

One thing that I like about Google is that they make things easy.

One thing that I like about Plone and Zope is that they make things easy.

In about an hour or two, I managed to put AdSense ads on my web site.

Go to and sign up for your account. Click on all of the emails to activate your account. Log in and grab your AdSense code.

Add a portlet to your custom area in Plone. Paste Google’s AdSense code in the body of your portlet.

Add portlet to your root Plone @right_slots@ property. Refresh your browser to see your Google ads.

h3. Resources

  • “Plone book errata”:
    This webpage has an Google AdSense portlet example in ZPT. Search for “Page Template: google_ad_portlet”
  • “ : A webpage with an example Page Template used to create a portlet”:
  • “ – how to control portlets”:
    A website which has instructions on properties which control portlet activation.

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